1st Course U13-Where do you live?

Real English offers interviews with people telling where they live.  Lots of activities so students will get lots of listening practice with a focus on prepositions.  Could be a bit challenging for lowest levels, partly because of new kinds of computer activities.

Where do you live?

Anthony is relocating


1st Course U19- Car Trouble Prepositions

Though prepositions are not in this unit, it’s always good to review them. Plus, there is good basic car-related vocabulary everyone needs to know. This is another listening game from elllo where students match the photo with the audio description. This would be a fun class listening game if you’ve got one computer, speakers and can project the photos onto a class screen. Divide the class into teams and have each team decide what the correct answer would be before clicking it.

Car Trouble


1st Course U18 – Prepositions in the Kitchen

This is a fun dialog in the form of 10 scored MC questions. Students practice prepositions and kitchen words.  Suggest they write the dialog with the correct sentences in their notebooks for writing practice. In a class meeting, the dialog could be a fun role play activity for partner work.

Where is the garlic?