1st Course U18 – Adjectives, It’s vs. Its

In Vocabulary 2 of Unit 18, students learn to describe the condition of items in the home. This video below by Jennifer Lebedev or JenniferESL on YouTube would be a nice extension activity here. Jennifer describes animal toys and children’s books in her home.

Though adjectives are not the focus here, ask students to listen for and list the adjectives Jennifer uses and those they themselves might use to describe the teddy bear in the first segment of the video.  Jennifer then gives a clear explanation of the difference between It’s and Its and gives lots of examples (and lots more adjectives students could listen for) in the last part of the video.

This video, rich with visuals and language, is a great jumping-off point for discussion or writing topics (what is your child’s/your favorite toy/animal/book? What does it look like?; review of colors, parts of body, or even nationalities; review of possessive adjectives and pronouns) These can all relate back to the unit’s topic of furniture in the home as well. Teachers can do some great “language” mining with this kind of video. Thanks, Jennifer!


1st Course U10: Possessive Adj.& Pers. Pronouns

The unit 10 topic is School, but the characters in Usalearns talk about the people in school – my daughter’s school, her teacher, etc. To supplement the grammar instruction on possessive adjectives in Unit 10 of Usalearns, go to these links below at ego4u.com. While working on pronouns and possessive adjectives, students will also review family vocabulary from unit 9.  If students can navigate the Internet easily, start with the first link called Pronouns. First review the chart and then do the exercises on Personal Pronouns and Possessive adjectives.


For students who may get lost, here are separate links to each exercise:

Personal Pronouns – Subject Form

Possessive Adjectives

Here’s another online practice of possessive adjectives from  Adele’s ESL corner.

Possessive Adjectives 2