1st Course U6: Phone Messages

Diane’s ESL Podcast, created by Diane Wallis, is a great resource for extra listening practice on a variety of topics.

Diane’s podcast “Can I Take a Message?” is a perfect fit for USAL students who have completed the Language Practice section of Unit 6 where Ms. Marquez practices phone conversations and taking messages with the class.

The speakers in the podcast talk slightly faster than what students hear on USAL so it’s a good step-up exercise.  Have your students listen and write the information– names and phone numbers– for the 3 messages they will hear.

Three Phone Messages Podcast

If  you have students who need more of a challenge, here is dictation practice of some common sentences used in phone calls. But, please, only for the most advanced! You will have to explain some of the structures and vocabulary in these sentences.

Advanced phone sentence dictation