1st Course U7 – Countries and Personal Info Review

Very Low Level Listening

Here is a little video about 4 people from 4 different countries for low level beginners. There’s a little activity at the end which makes it a bit more interesting. A teacher or tutor could use those photos to ask questions about the people.  e.g.  Where is she from?  or Who is from Ethiopia?

Meet Dan Smith



Online Activities

The Cambridge University Press Ventures Series has free online activities in their “Arcade” that go well with this unit. Make sure students follow directions to get the correct activities. In the Basic Level and Level 1 they will practice personal info and possessive adjectives as well as simple present of be with countries.  Thank you, Cambridge, for allowing access to this wonderful content!

Here are instructions for students.

Click the link below. Click Sort by Unit. Then click the big orange B at the top.  The box will be orange. Click Unit 1 Personal Information. You will see 7 orange boxes on the right. Click the first box to start the activity.  Click MENU when you finish the questions. Click Unit 1 Personal Information again and click the next activity.

When you finish all 7 activities, click the big red 1 in the box at the top. The box will now be red. Click Unit 1 Personal Information to see 7 red boxes.  Click each box to do Level 1 activities.

Cambridge Unit 1 Personal Information




1st Course U7: Life Skills: Personal Info Forms

The activity of filling out personal information forms can be found in USAL Units 3, 7, and 9.  You could use this paper-based activity in any of those units, but I thought it might be a nice review here in Unit 7. You will still have to clarify the words, age, height and weight for students, but they should know the rest of the vocabulary.

This is a crossword puzzle from elcivics.com, a website I highly recommend. I realized that the clues in the crossword puzzle could also be put into a personal info form, so I added a second page with a form. Once students have completed the puzzle they can fill out the form with the information from the clues.

Personal Information Crossword and Form