Second Course

The video content of the Second Course on USA comes from a video series called English for All.  Many teachers are already familiar with the online English for All Web site. Though the video is the same on both sites, the majority of the activities were rewritten and expanded for USA Learns.

I have uploaded the revised video script of each story for this course. (Column on the right – click Video Scripts.) You can use them to make vocabulary or listening cloze activities, jumbled dialog strips, or any of the many activities you can create with the script.  Do share whatever you create here in order to expand the number of “partners in practice” for the Second Course.

I have been adding links for 2nd Course, but I was interrupted by some work for USALearns.  Read on for the best place to find resources for 2nd Course.

October 28, 2012

I haven’t posted any new additions here in quite awhile.  Part of the reason is that I had been busy helping USALearns create a DB of Web sites that teachers can access right from the Teacher Home Page.( – Once you’ve registered and signed in you’ll see the Home Page.) Look for “More Practice” under Resources for Teachers. With this new DB you can easily search for specific skills in specific units. I found a lot of great correlating Web sites that I haven’t posted here yet, so be sure to check it out.

Besides the “More Practice” link there are some other valuable new links on the Teacher Home Page. You can now download the video script of each of the 20 units of 2nd Course. (These may not be new to you if you downloaded Video Scripts under 2nd Course here on Partners in Practice.)

One link I think you (and your students) will really love seeing is the iTunes collection of 2nd Course video podcasts. These are actually old. Many people don’t realize that 2nd Course video stories were all originally filmed as a series called English for All and were shown on the Website,  USALearns borrowed the videos and a few of the activities from this site (but added so many new activities) to create 2nd Course.  If you can’t wait until you sign into the USALearns Teacher site, here’s the link to the podcasts below.

2nd Course (English for All) Video Podcasts

And finally, the very new thing for USALearns is an official Facebook page.  Be sure to visit and click Like and make some comments to get the ball rolling.  And don’t forget to ask your students to “Like” the USALearns Facebook page and answer questions on the page.  There’s quite a bit of traffic so your students will have the opportunity to chat with other USALearns students from around the world.

USALearns Facebook Page


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