First Course

The First Course on the USA site has 20 units of “survival language” topics for beginners. The video in this course is from a series called Putting English to Work which uses the scenario of an Adult Ed class to present topics and practice activities. Ms. Marquez, the teacher, and her adult students make our online students feel like they belong to a real class. The video also shows scenes of the Adult Ed students outside of class where we can see them apply what they’ve learned in their everyday lives.

My posts of supplementary activities for the First Course are more numerous than 2nd Course because I think it is most in need of a “partner in practice.” Low level students need lots and lots of listening opportunities and practice of the new language. You may have students who need repetition, or students who could go just a little farther in the study of the topic than what USAL offers.  I’ve tried to offer a little of both types of supplementary links.

The units are listed in the right column. (And I suggest clicking a unit title rather than First Course which gives you the chronological hodge-podge of activities; not as useful as looking at the post within the unit.) Each unit has at least one post, but I will continue to add suggested links, so keep checking back.  Or, even easier, sign up for email subscription in the column on the left.  You’ll get an email notifying you of new posts. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed with email; my work on this has been slow…


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