Short Dictations for Course 2 Units

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on this blog. Too much time going into U.S.A Learns Facebook page.  If you haven’t seen the USAL facebook page yet, check it out, ( “Like” the page, and send your students there too. Everyone can benefit from a daily reminder from Facebook about topics of the day or special links to U.S.A. Learns.

I checked in here today and realized that I had found this great resource some months ago, but forgot to do the post. So, here’s a new “Partner in Practice” link for you. Thank you Fremont Adult School for these short dictations that correspond with the English for All video series, the basis of Course 2 in U.S.A. Learns.  I didn’t listen to them all, but it seems there may be 5 sentences per unit.

This is great reinforcement of vocabulary from the units, and of course good listening and writing practice for your students.  The dictations are meant to be sent to the teacher for correction.  If you have students working independently you may want to type up an answer sheet for them and let them correct their own sentences.

Short Dictations for Course 2  



2nd Course – Health

There’s not a lot of content about Health in this course so you may want to divert your students to health literacy when an occasion arises. In the Workers and the Workplace story Alejandro lands in the hospital with a broken leg after an accident at work. This would be a good spot to direct your students to some listening and reading that will improve their health literacy awareness and health-related vocabulary.

This link will direct the student to the Emergencies topic. There are lots of good audio slideshows and you could let students choose one that interests them. But they will have to scroll down the list to find the one about the Emergency Room which connects to the fact that Alejandro was taken to the emergency room. Click English to see the audio slideshow and get the handout.

What to expect in the Emergency Room

This next link will direct the student to the Injuries and Wounds topic. The third one down is Bone Fractures. Click English to see the audio slideshow and get the handout.

Bone Fractures

In this story Alejandro’s wife announces that she is pregnant. There are also good presentations about pre-natal care for students that might find that useful.  Just scan the list. Lots of great material on this site and the level is good for Second Course students.


2nd Course – Finding a Job

Here is another great slideshow presentation that students could use to practice listening and note-taking skills. It gives 7 ways to look for a job and also goes on to talk about the application process and questions that may and may not be asked in an interview.

You could also ask students to write down the 7 ways to look for a job and then compare them with the ways that Alejandro’s co-worker suggests in the video.

The text of the recording is available as a written handout so lots of things you could do with this.

This link should bring you to the Jobs topic.  Just click English and the presentation will open in a new window.

Employment in the United States

2nd Course – Job Benefits Lecture Video

In Workers and the Workplace, Alejandro gets a new job as a restaurant manager, but we don’t hear about any benefits or questions he may have asked during his interview.

This video is a very clear lecture listing 12 benefits job hunters should ask about. Good listening practice for intermediate students, and the lecture is a good format for note taking, a great skill, especially if your students are wanting to transition to higher education. Lots of good vocabulary and discussion material here.

I’ve embedded the video and script below because many school sites block YouTube.  If you are at a site that blocks YouTube, could you please let me know in a comment if this is a fix for you?  Can you view this video from my blog? Click on the link below the video to download the entire script of the video.

Benefits Video Script