1st Course U20- Vocabulary and Reading Practice

There are readings on all the topics in this unit on EL Civics. As always, great illustrations to help comprehension.

Beginner Level Weather Words


Weather Reading






***NEW *** Have a look at this wonderful resource of low-level reading materials made available by Bow Valley College in Alberta Canada. There are 40 theme-based ESL Literacy Readers available on this site. There are 3 levels so you should be able find a level appropriate for everyone in your multi-level classes. (Actually Phase 3 is way too difficult for any 1st Course students.) I’ll attach the pdf of a short one that contains the future tense and is on the topic of a relaxing weekend, so a nice fit with this unit.  But go to the site and check out all the others available.

relaxingweekend pdf

Check out more at: ESL Literacy Readers from BowValley College


You can also find a lot of readings related to this unit at englishexpress.ca. Because I can’t link to specific readings, I’d suggest you go to the site and browse through Level 1 readings. Here is a simple crossword puzzle students can print and complete. It was created by our Canadian friends at English Express, so beware of the reference to Canada Day.

Summer Fun Crossword




1st Course U20: Present Continuous Review

Here’s a fun little video that illustrates some verbs that fit right in with the recreation topic of this unit. About half-way through the video students are asked to make present continuous sentences. Have students write two sentences, one affirmative and one negative, for each question. They should also use a contraction. They can either hand them in at your next meeting or email the answers to you.

(To embed this video on your class Web site, double-click the video. It will take you to Youtube for the embed info.)


After the fun video, here’s something that may not be as much fun.  It’s a test with multiple choice as well as type-in answers. Tell students to work carefully. Because it’s a test, they don’t get a second try once they click Check Answers at the end.

Present Progressive Test