1st Course U18 – Adjectives, It’s vs. Its

In Vocabulary 2 of Unit 18, students learn to describe the condition of items in the home. This video below by Jennifer Lebedev or JenniferESL on YouTube would be a nice extension activity here. Jennifer describes animal toys and children’s books in her home.

Though adjectives are not the focus here, ask students to listen for and list the adjectives Jennifer uses and those they themselves might use to describe the teddy bear in the first segment of the video.  Jennifer then gives a clear explanation of the difference between It’s and Its and gives lots of examples (and lots more adjectives students could listen for) in the last part of the video.

This video, rich with visuals and language, is a great jumping-off point for discussion or writing topics (what is your child’s/your favorite toy/animal/book? What does it look like?; review of colors, parts of body, or even nationalities; review of possessive adjectives and pronouns) These can all relate back to the unit’s topic of furniture in the home as well. Teachers can do some great “language” mining with this kind of video. Thanks, Jennifer!


1st Course U18 – Prepositions in the Kitchen

This is a fun dialog in the form of 10 scored MC questions. Students practice prepositions and kitchen words.  Suggest they write the dialog with the correct sentences in their notebooks for writing practice. In a class meeting, the dialog could be a fun role play activity for partner work.

Where is the garlic?


1st Course U18- Appliances- Listening

This is a listening game, perhaps a little challenging for some students. Encourage students to click the Listen Again button, often. Listening many times will help their listening comprehension. The transcript is below the game area, but it’s best if they listen without reading first. After they’ve played the whole game just listening, suggest they play again and read along with the transcripts. Have them write down new words, and look them up or ask you for help.

Which appliance?



1st Course U18- Readings: Buying, Selling, Collecting Stuff

Ms. Marquez teaches the class about buying used goods at a garage sale.  But there are many different places to buy used goods, for example, yard sales, tag sales, or rummage sales. This reading is about a woman who buys clothes for her children at a Rummage Sale.

If possible, discuss new vocabulary and the pre-reading questions with your students. Encourage students to listen for overall meaning, but to ask you if they have questions. There are 3 speeds of audio. Encourage students to listen to all three readings to help their listening comprehension. Suggest they then listen again and read out loud to practice their pronunciation. After the 3 audio readings there are questions for students to print and answer.  Thank you Marshall Adult Ed!

To find this activity give students these instructions.

Click the link.
You will see the Marshall Adult Education Site. Look at the yellow list of titles in the middle.
Move the scroll bar down. Look for the title, Rummage Sale Time in the yellow box.
Click Rummage Sale Time to begin the activity.

Rummage Sale Time


Just an extra, fun reading, this is about a man who collects piggy banks, and often buys them at garage sales. (Aha! A connection to this unit.) As a bonus for this reading there is also a pdf of a picture crossword puzzle of common items people like to collect (and buy at garage sales!)

There is an audio recording of the reading, but it’s a bit difficult to navigate to it. This wonderful Web site, the Canadian English Express, has many great readings, so it’s worth teaching your students how to move around the site.

First the link to the pdf files:

Jim has a Hobby

Things to Collect Crossword

Here is the link to the readings with audio, followed by instructions to help students find the one about Jim:

English Express Readings

Click the link, English Express Readings.
Click Articles in the left column.
Click Level 1 in the “Choose a level” column.
Click the Search by year button in the top right above the list.
Next to Select Year: 2009, click the small arrows in blue and choose 2008. It should now say,  Select a year: 2008 and Choose a level: Level 1.
Click Submit.
Click Jim has a hobby, the first story in the list.
Click Play to listen to the article.












eslyes.com  Audio Readings and Activities

      This is considered a “Super-Easy” reading on eslyes.com site. However, it does use the past tense, primarily




    , and it uses a couple of other higher level structures. Depending on your students’ level, you may want to read it with them once first. The audio is very slow with very precise pronunciation. (not what you’d call authentic speech) Students can listen to the reading, do a cloze and sentence scramble activity too!

Too Much Stuff

    Note: There are 200 readings at this level and you could just direct students to the main list and let them self-select. However be forewarned there are a couple of readings about God, which I’m not very comfortable with on this kind of site. Check them out before you send students to the Table of Contents.