1st Course U17-Reading and Writing

This first reading (probably written during the housing boom) tells about a man who decides to sell his house. It uses many of the vocabulary words presented in this unit, but it is written in the past tense so lowest level students may need some extra help. You may want to read with students when you introduce the activity to clarify meaning, and then let them work independently with the audio, cloze, and scrambled sentence activities online at the eslyes.com site.

The House Price Goes UP


This next simple reading (a pdf file) is about an apartment building. There are some new words for students such as security deposit, tenant and landlord. Have students write new words in their journals and look up the meaning.  Ask them to write a similar passage about their apartment building, or an apartment building in their neighborhood, or the one in the photo. Have them email their writing to you.




This El Civics reading introduces many different types of housing vocabulary words to students.

Different Kinds of Homes