1st Course – U16 – Going to a Doctor

Again for this topic there are lots of choices on the Internet.  Here are some that fit well with USAL level and content.

As always with el civics, you’ll find great photographs and simple sentences describing the actions in this link.

Scroll down to the end of the pictures to find a list of “Medical Clinic Lesson Activities.”  There’s a powerpoint on Illnesses and Injuries, a crossword puzzle, Parts of the Body Bingo cards, and readings. You might want to use the powerpoint and bingo for Unit 15, or here, as a review.

EL Civics Medical Clinic Page



English Express has a selection of good, basic readings with audio and activities on this topic. Students can listen to the readings.  There are also printable worksheets for the readings under Teachers Notes.

Be sure to use the search function of English Express to find the right level and date of the activities.

Going to the Doctor – Level 1 – (November and December 2007) – Maritiza has an earache.  She makes an appointment to see the doctor.

Having an Eye Exam – Level 1- Feb 2008  – This is a slight tangent, but still works as a nice extension of this topic.

Other readings on English Express that MIGHT be of interest are Going to a Physio (physical therapist) April 2008. In 2007 there are two articles about going to a dentist.  Have a look and see if they would be of interest to your students.

English Express Readings


Finally, REEPworld has activities on this topic of illnesses and talking to a doctor that students can do online.

Health Problems



1st Course – U16- Medicine at the Pharmacy

For a simple reading you can print or have students read and listen to online, go to English Express and look for Level 1- January 2008 – Going to the Pharmacy. This is the continuing story of Maritza and her earache. In the Nov/Dec 2007 story she went to the doctor, and in this story she is having her prescription filled. I’ve also added their accompanying pdf activity on reading a medicine label.

Going to the Pharmacy



Here’s the link to REEPworld’s great online activities on medicine, medicine labels, and warning labels.

Medicine and Labels