1st Course U15-Body Vocabulary Practice

USAL offers lots of vocabulary practice, but for students who could still use more repetition, here are a few good sites.

Great concentration type games which have audio, image and word. Once you finish the first round, the games keep changing so there’s a variety of matching tasks.

Body A Match Game

Body B Match Game


There are always great activities at reepworld.org. Beyond the basic vocab practice, Lesson 3 on this site introduces verbs associated with body words.

Body Vocabulary Practice


And lastly, two online labeling activities.

Name the parts of the head

Name the parts of the body



For those of you who like TPR activities and music, here’s a 42-second song about facial movements. Kevin of etseverywhere offers excellent suggestions for some activities with the song. You may want to save this until the next unit when students practice imperatives they hear at a doctor’s office.  These are not the same verbs, but they are all imperatives.

Facial Movement Song




1st Course Unit 15 – Present Tense of Have

Unit 15 teaches the verb have to talk about body parts and health problems. Ventures Arcade offers more online practice of the verb have in this context.

Click the link below. Click Unit 4  Health. You will see 6 red boxes on the right. Click each box to do the activities.

Ventures Basic Unit 4 Health

For even more practice on Body Parts, have students click the B at the top to go to the Basic Level. The box turns orange.  Click Unit 4 Health in this Basic level and you’ll find 6 activities on parts of body and aches and pains.


1st Course Unit 15 – Emergencies

There’s lots of very good information for ESL students about emergencies on the Internet.  Here are a few standouts.

In Reepworld’s 3 emergency lessons students will learn about a few more situations than on USALearns. As always with Reepworld, great visuals and audio.  Students do these lessons online.



This next link is a practice quiz with 38 multiple choice questions about emergencies. Each question refers to a very clear photo. There are emergencies students have not learned yet such as electric shock, heart attack, robbery, etc. If your students are lower level, you may want to use this for teaching and discussion rather than as a quiz. This could be printed, but there are lots of colorful photos, so not a great idea. It would work very well in a classroom as a whole group activity.

Emergency Calls Quiz