1st Course U14 – Food

Food is always a popular topic so there are many resources available online! Here are some links that supplement the first part of USAL Unit 14 nicely.

This first, very basic pdf contains 12 food picture cards, and it’s a perfect tie-in to Celia wanting her daughter to eat healthy foods. Ask students to identify the healthy foods versus the unhealthy. They can use the pictures to write sentences or a little dialog of someone asking for these things in a restaurant or shop.

Food Picture Cards

If your students would like even more vocabulary, EL Civics has great photos with the words listed along the side. The introductory text is difficult, so tell students to just look at the photos and match the words in the lists.

EL Civics Food Pictures


Podcast Listening Activity

Diane Wallis has a very good podcast about a grocery list. She uses quantity words so you may need to introduce those to your students first. To make it easier, I’ve added a worksheet so they simply need to fill in the food word and the price. The worksheet has an answer key on the second page.

Do you need anything at the store?

Grocery list podcast worksheet


Reading and Listening

Marshall Adult Ed has several readings about food, each with 3 speeds of audio narration. The students are asked to read along with the speaker in the first reading which is very slow. If your students are more advanced, suggest that they go on to the 2nd or 3rd reading and practice their pronunciation at a more natural speed. There are questions after the reading that students can answer in writing and hand in to you.

Check out all my suggestions below to see which would be most appropriate or appealing to your students. Or, let them choose one. As always there will be new vocabulary words and students should write them in their journal for more practice later.

Because we can’t link to individual readings, instruct students to:

Click the link to the Web Site.  Use the scroll bar to go down to Level 1.5 in the pink box. Look for the following titles.

Good Nutrition

Sharing a Meal on Family Night


For a tie- in to restaurant workers, the second part of USAL Unit 14, suggest “Gloves – a must for Food Workers” in Level 1.0, the blue box.

For the above reading titles, click this link.

Marshall Adult Education Readings