1st Course U13 – Community Places

Great photos and a nice expansion on community places and people who work in them on this elcivics.com page.  Good reading practice and a chance for students to add new vocabulary words to their notebooks.

Community Places


Listening : Places in the Neighborhood

Diane Wallis has a great podcast for beginners to practice neighborhood places and prepositions. Be sure to pre-teach the two words students haven’t learned in USAL unit 13: drug store and coffee shop. Print out the worksheet for students and let the listening begin.

Neighborhood Worksheet

Places in the Neighborhood Podcast



1st Course U13- Listening to Directions

Ms. Marquez teaches Jagraj about giving directions in Unit 13.  This elllo.org activity gives students even more practice in listening to directions. There is a nice map for students to follow as they listen. It may be challenging for some, but encourage students to listen many times. They can find the transcripts by scrolling down the page. Listening without the script several times and then with the script, and again without the script will help their listening comprehension. They come across a couple of British terms such as pub and petrol station.

Directions to My House


1st Course U13-Where do you live?

Real English offers interviews with people telling where they live.  Lots of activities so students will get lots of listening practice with a focus on prepositions.  Could be a bit challenging for lowest levels, partly because of new kinds of computer activities.

Where do you live?

Anthony is relocating