1st Course – Unit 12- How much?

For low-literacy students who need practice recognizing the value of coins and counting them, here is a good online activity.

Counting Money


Ventures Arcade Basic level has online activities about shopping for lower level students. There is an activity practicing how much with singular and plural nouns. Students were introduced to this in the grammar section of USAL Unit 12. The other activities in this Arcade set are about clothing and colors, a nice review of content from USAL Unit 11.

After clicking the link, make sure students click the big orange B in the box at the top so they are in Basic Level. Here are instructions to find the right activities.

Click the link below. Click the big orange B at the top. The box will be orange. Click Unit 7  Shopping. You will see 6 orange boxes on the right. Click each box to do the activities.

Ventures Basic Unit 7 Shopping