1st Course U8: He likes to…

USAL Unit 8, Language Practice 1 presents the simple present tense using the verb like. There are a couple of video clips giving good examples of people expressing their likes and dislikes with listening and speaking practice.

This elcivics.com activity is a good reading with very simple sentences and pictures offering practice of the simple present form of like and a review of present continuous verbs. Read through the sentences with the students and clarify any questions they may have and prompt them to say whether they like to do each action.

Elicit more sentences from students by drawing conclusions with the information given.  e.g.  He likes to swim in warm water. He doesn’t like to swim in cold water. He likes to swim in a pool. He doesn’t like to swim in the ocean. You could also ask students to choose one of the pictures, give the person a name, and write about their likes and dislikes as if this was a friend of theirs, or pretend they are one of the people and write in the first person.

Thanks to Christina Niven and her elcivics site for being a perfect “partner in practice.” There are so many ways to use this valuable resource for extended practice.

Easy Picture Reading with “like to”