1st Course U4: Telling Time

This is a “two-fer” – one online link and one link to a paper activity.

The Real English Web site offers a video of real people, both British and American, telling the time. There is a listening and speaking exercise that follows with only American English. The second exercise is a dictation of the video script which gives students lots of practice spelling out numbers.

Real English always has a video without subtitles and one with subtitles. Remind your students to listen to the video without subtitles first, and many times. The main goal is to improve listening comprehension, and they need to listen more than once to get their ears attuned to native speakers. Watching the closed-captioned video is good preparation for the dictation exercise.

Telling the Time Video and Exercises

For very low-level students, here is a paper-based matching activity of times and clocks.

Clock Matching


1st Course U4: Daily Activities

In Unit 4, Ms Marquez teaches the class verbs to describe daily activities.

Here are a couple of supplementary handouts from the San Diego CBET program for use during instructional meetings. The first sheet is a study sheet showing what activities Robert is doing at specific times of day. Have students read through this and practice saying the sentences.

The second sheet is an information gap activity for partner work. One person gets Part A and the other Part B. Students (or student and tutor) practice asking and answering questions about the missing information on the sheets.

Robert’s Activities Handout

Activities Information Gap Handout

The Present Continuous using contractions is reviewed in Unit 20.  If you have a student in need of something more challenging, try this video activity in unit 20.