1st Course U11: Clothes Shopping

With shopping on everyone’s mind this time of year, here are 2 clothes shopping videos that might be a good fit in your lesson plans.

This is a fun little video from the Top Notch series that is posted on YouTube. (If YouTube is blocked at your school, try the next video.) You can go to the Pearson website to get information about the whole series. There’s a review of the verb “like” as the young woman asks two sports-engrossed guys about her new clothes purchases. After viewing have students retell the story, either orally or in writing.

Do you like this?


Here is another video about clothes shopping from the Macmillan Inside Out series. (This is a sample posted on their website, not on YouTube, so this hopefully will work even for those of you with YouTube blocked at your schools.)  This video is slightly more difficult than the Top Notch video above because we don’t see the clothes mentioned, just the shopping bags they are in. Also it is in British English, but the language is very clear. Again in this video, students get lots of practice with the verb “like.”

As an activity, ask students to make 2 columns on a piece of paper, one for Martine and one for Jamie. Have them watch the video and write down all the items each of them buys. Also ask them to write what activities each likes to do. Another possibility, especially if you show this video in class is to ask students to “narrate” the story. After several viewings and students are very familiar with the video, turn the volume off and ask a student to be the narrator and talk about what is happening in the video. For DL students who are set up with sending you audio files, you might ask them to record themselves narrating, and then send you the audio file. Of course, this could also be a writing assignment.

Do you like shopping?



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