2nd Course – Housing and Family Life – Grammar

Students often ask for more grammar practice and here’s a site that will give them lots of activities.  I found activities that fit with the grammar covered in 3 of the units about the Pushkins, but students who like grammar can find many more hours of practice here. Give students the URL for roadtogrammar.com and suggest the following exercises for each unit. You might also wait till the last unit of this story and have students do all of them as a grammar review.

Managing Family LifeMust vs. Have to — Road to Grammar #72 (10 MC questions on DON’T HAVE TO or MUST NOT)

Using Information ServicesCan and Could  —  Road to Grammar #34  (25 multiple choice questions)

Men’s  Changing Roles – Make vs. Do  —  Road to Grammar #150 (Make or Do 10 questions) and #125 Household Chores (10 Questions)



This next 10-question exercise doesn’t really line up with the grammar lessons in this video story, but it provides students with more modal practice in sentences used in business situations. A good fit would be with Accessing Services when Karina needs to contact the phone company.

Telephone English

On the same site, there’s another activity for practicing the use of make vs. do to supplement the Men’s Changing Roles unit. These expressions go beyond just household chores. I always think having students write down new expressions and using them in sentences is a good way to help them remember these forms.

Make or Do



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