1st Course Unit 9 – Filling Out Forms

In Part 2 of the Family Unit 9, Ms Marquez teaches words to describe the marital status of family members. The unit also offers activities for filling out forms. Here is a link to even more practice on marital status words and many more words that are found on forms.

This is a great online resource from the Voice of America. They have a section called VOA Learning English The Classroom with lots of activities for various levels of English (and lots of other cool stuff for you to explore like an interactive photo word book, idiom dictionary, etc.)

The good fit here are the 3 activities called Filling Out Forms which include vocabulary, listening and conversation practice. I can only link you to the activities menu and you’ll have to scroll down the list to click on the correct set of activities. There are quite a few drag and drop activities, so make sure your beginning students know how to navigate those types of questions before you set them off on their own.

Filling Out Forms, Parts 1-3


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