2nd Course – How to be a Pharmacist

Tony was a pharmacist in Korea, but he needs to take classes in order to practice in the U.S.  In this video with transcript from About.com a pharmacist talks about the educational path to his profession.

This will be good for more advanced students, but with the right scaffolding your intermediate level students could also use it to practice listening skills.  The transcript is below the video. There are lots of different academic tasks possible such as asking students to take notes as they listen for the main ideas. You can also give them questions to answer or vocabulary words to find as they watch and listen to the video.

How to be a Pharmacist

Here’s another video on About.com on the topic of a pharmacist.  Same guy talking about the what the typical work day of a pharmacist is. Lots of interesting information available here.  Give your students some key points to listen for.  Why does this pharmacist keep patient profiles? What are the hours of a pharmacist?  What must the pharmacist do if he leaves the store? etc., etc.   The transcript is below the video.

Typical Day of a Pharmacist



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