1st Course U20- Vocabulary and Reading Practice

There are readings on all the topics in this unit on EL Civics. As always, great illustrations to help comprehension.

Beginner Level Weather Words


Weather Reading






***NEW *** Have a look at this wonderful resource of low-level reading materials made available by Bow Valley College in Alberta Canada. There are 40 theme-based ESL Literacy Readers available on this site. There are 3 levels so you should be able find a level appropriate for everyone in your multi-level classes. (Actually Phase 3 is way too difficult for any 1st Course students.) I’ll attach the pdf of a short one that contains the future tense and is on the topic of a relaxing weekend, so a nice fit with this unit.  But go to the site and check out all the others available.

relaxingweekend pdf

Check out more at: ESL Literacy Readers from BowValley College


You can also find a lot of readings related to this unit at englishexpress.ca. Because I can’t link to specific readings, I’d suggest you go to the site and browse through Level 1 readings. Here is a simple crossword puzzle students can print and complete. It was created by our Canadian friends at English Express, so beware of the reference to Canada Day.

Summer Fun Crossword




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