1st Course U2 – Classroom Objects

For very basic, flashcard-type practice of vocabulary, explore these 3 related sites and choose the one that works best for you. The vocabulary is the same, but each has a slightly different take. All 3 are good for low beginning students. These sites are designed for children, but the graphics for classroom objects are age-appropriate for adults.

1.   tv.mes-english.com offers “videos” meaning graphics with audio. Below is the link to the video on classroom objects. Click videos at the top activity bar to find more topics. Each topic has a slideshow presentation of only the words, then another with a question and answer and a third with the question only (What is it? or What are these?) with the graphic. The question-only videos could work well for an in-class quiz. Lots of other things on the site like powerpoint slides and flashcards. Explore!

Classroom Objects Videos

2. 123listening.com has audio files with worksheets. Lots of different worksheets that can be used with the audio files! Too many for me to try to explain so just go to the link and explore. I liked how the language expanded to using the classroom objects with the questions, “Can I borrow?” or “Can I have?” in the last audio file.

Classroom Listening and Worksheets

3. Finally, if your students like learning vocabulary with a beat, they can listen to a vocabulary chant. Dreamenglish.com offers audio files of chants with the same vocabulary presented in the links above.

Classroom Objects Chants




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