1st Course U2 – In the Classroom

The Cambridge University Press Ventures Series has free online activities in their “Arcade” that are a nice fit for this unit. With this link students will do activities with school-related vocabulary. They also practice in and on, but the pictures are very clear and students should understand easily. There will be some new words, so ask students to write them in their notebooks.

After clicking the link, make sure students click the big orange B in the box at the top so they are in Basic Level for this one. Here are instructions to find the right activities.

Click the link below. Click Sort by Unit. Then click the big orange B at the top. The box will be orange. Click Unit 2 At school. You will see 7 orange boxes on the right. Click each box to do the first 6 activities.

Cambridge Ventures Basic Unit 2

If students want more practice with a little more challenge, they can click the 1 at the top to get to Level 1. (everything turns red)  Do the 7 activities for Unit 2 At school. Write down new words in your notebook.


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