1st Course U11: Favorite Colors

What’s your favorite color?  Everyone has one. Have your students watch this video to hear people on the street answer that question. This video repeats and the second time around they’ll see the closed-captioned version. Great reinforcement for beginners: real people speaking, color-coordinated borders and text.

(If YouTube is blocked at your school, click the Exercise link below to go to the Real-English site. At the top of the page, click Lesson 4 Home. You may be able to access the video from one of these offerings. But beware, it is the “classic” colors video I have referenced here, not the very first video.)

The link below contains 4 pages of exercises based on the video. The second page asks questions using whose as in “Whose favorite color is red?” This question word has not been introduced in USAL so you may want to go over that before having students attempt it alone.

Real English Lesson 4 Color Exercises


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