1st Course U 11: Describing People Game

“Who is my Valentine?” is a thought- and discussion-provoking game that I’d suggest for use during face-to-face time, projected for whole-class discussion and play. If you’re a tutor, this is a good activity for both you and your tutee to sit at the computer together and talk about what’s on the screen. There is some new vocabulary you will want to go over first.

This is the type of activity we’d all like to see more of online because students are using language and practicing thinking skills. There’s so much material here for a teacher to guide students in using adjectives to describe faces and talk about why the Valentine could be one person and not another. Make your students tell you why certain combinations can not be possible. “Why can’t it be Alexander?”  “Because he is not wearing a hat.”

Connections to USAL unit 11? Another match made in heaven – colors, jewelry, adjectives before nouns, present progressive verbs. They will practice all those things with this game, and in the spirit of an “extending” activity, learn some new vocabulary as well. A fun, end-of-unit class activitiy.

Who is my Valentine?


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