1st Course U 10: A Conference with Teacher

The Parent-Teacher Night on USAL when Jengo and Mrs. Park meet their children’s teachers is the culminating lesson of the school unit. A perfect extension activity that can be printed and used during tutor or teacher time is a set of readings and activities about a conference with a teacher on the San Diego Continuing Education CBET Web page.

A Conference with Teacher offers an illustrated story as well as a second version with only text. (beware it is falsely labeled as without words) In addition, there are separate pdf files of comprehension questions, picture vocabulary, matching, cloze and role-play activities. There’s something for the lowest level as well as things for students needing a bit more challenge. Get the printer ready and compile a packet!

A  Conference with Teacher




Reepworld.org offers 2 stories that are a nice extension to what students are learning in this unit.

Sara’s story is middle school student’s story of her new life in a U.S. school.

Sara’s Story

The link to Hanna’s story is posted in Unit 9, but in case you haven’t used it, it would also fit nicely here. In Usalearns, Mrs. Park talks to teachers on Parent Night about her granddaughter’s love of reading. Hanna’s Story is about a grandmother from Ethiopia and how she reads with her young granddaughter.

Hanna’s  Story



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