1st Course U 7: Countries & Nationalities

Just a quick reminder to those who got here because they did a search on Countries and Nationalities. USALearns.org is the place to begin with activities about countries and nationalities. That’s the topic of Unit 7 in the First course. Start there and then use the activities listed below to supplement what you’ve learned.


What nationality are they?

People on the street telling us their nationalities and where they’re from in a Real English video is what you’ll find on this link. Be sure to have your students follow the advice of Real English creator, Mike Marzio and listen to the video many times. After doing that, clicking Lesson 5 Exercises will bring up some good listening and speaking practice exercises, and for a special treat this time, an online crossword puzzle!


But wait, Real English is such a treasure trove, there is yet another video on this topic. In this video people are asked where they are from, so the focus is on countries and cities. Among the exercises that follow is a grammar lesson on the verb Be which is a nice review of grammar taught in the previous USAL unit 6.  Exercises also include some vocabulary and “this” and “that” which USAL students haven’t had yet.  However they are nicely illustrated with photos so they shouldn’t be a problem, but but sure to check to see if your students understood.

Where are you from?


And while we’re talking about countries, here’s another musical dictation from English Teachers Everywhere. A 15-second song lists the largest countries of the world. Kevin has a good suggestion for implementing this with your students.

The 10 Biggest Countries



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