1st Course U1: Meeting People

Ms. Marquez and the class practice introductions on their first day of English class. We learn one way to respond is to say, “Nice to meet you.”  But English speakers use a variety of expressions.

Before I go on, let me introduce a site I’ll be recommending a lot.

One of my favorite sites for listening to real people speaking English is real-english.com. This site is a treasure trove of short interviews with people on the street. It is natural language, but in the controlled environment of a single topic with lots of repetition–perfect for English learners wanting to improve listening skills. The sense of humor and love of communication of the creator of Real English, Mike Marzio, shines through in all of the videos.

Luckily many of the video topics fit perfectly with USA Learns units such as this one on introductions.

In Lesson 1 – Hi! from the Real English site, various people introduce themselves to the interviewer with a more authentic variety of responses than we hear in USAL.  Exercises 1 through 4 that follow provide very good listening practice on this topic. (Exercise 5 is a grammar lesson on the verb to be which Ms. Marquez will introduce in the next unit, so have students hold off on that one.)

Nice to meet you!


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