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Have you and your students been feeling lonely and friendless? That can all change now that USA Learns has an official Facebook page.  Have your learners connect with others around the world and connect with U.S.A. Learns in a different way. Posts are based on current topics but usually link to one U.S.A. Learns activity. An easy way for a little more English practice outside of the classroom.  Go to Facebook and “LIKE” the page. https://www.facebook.com/USALearns


Now back to our regular program…What’s this blog for?

The goal of USA Learns’ Partners in Practice is to share supplementary activities and links to support the content presented at USALearns.org, a free Web site created to help US immigrants improve their English skills outside of a traditional classroom. So, if you haven’t been there yet, that’s where you need to start. (Don’t be shy; you can go there now – usalearns.org)

This blog is designed to save tutors and teachers time by pointing to links that give students more practice of the vocabulary, life skills, or grammatical structures they’ve learned in a USALearns unit.

The posts are organized according to the units of the First Course and the Second Course of USA Learns. Click a unit title from the list in the right column to find posts supporting topics covered in that unit.  You could also click a specific Topic or use the Search function to find what you’re looking for.

Of course there are a TON of free activities and materials out there. If you have discovered activities and sites online that work well with certain units, please become a “partner” and share your info in a comment. Also, once your students have tried an activity let us know how it went and any tips to make it better.

Looking for the CONFERENCE HANDOUT? Here it is!


Looking for info about Teacher Management? Click the link below.




10 Responses to “Home”

  1. John Campbell Says:

    Thanks for the great resources. The scripts will come in handy. One problem we always have at our school is the inability to view videos. Is there a format that can be used that gets by most school security, like teachertube does?

    • Evelyn Fella Says:

      Thanks, John. Do you mean you can’t get to sites with videos that I’m linking to, or are you also not seeing the videos that I embed in the blog? I had hoped that by embedding videos on the blog you could have access, but now I’m not sure that’s the case. Let me know and I’ll try to work on alternatives if you are not seeing the embedded videos.

  2. zegarek Tissot Says:

    thank’s for this blog.

  3. Sueli Says:

    Evelyn: Thanks a lot for the wonderful help… I’ve just found out about USAlearns and about your site …. I’m overwhelmed….
    Everything is so useful…. But I have a question, I’ve also registered in the class manegement but I don’t know how to actually share the lessons with the students…. Could you help me please ? Thanks again

  4. johnnysoup Says:

    I have a problem and am hoping you can help. I had a class last Spring and when summer came, I closed the class. This fall I opened a new class and the students that were in my class last Spring can’t register. Where can I go to find out about the registration process and problems on USALearns.org?

    • Evelyn Fella Says:

      I’d suggest downloading the USAL Teacher Management file which you can find just above on this home page. This same file is available as “USA Learns Teacher Tips” on the USAL Teacher Home Page. If the information still does not solve your problem, email your question to: help@usalearns.org. They will help work through the process you are using with your students to find out where the snag is.

  5. khadim Says:

    thenk you very becuase usa langauage it’s have emportan for us i’m happy becuase i thing yesterday it good

  6. Diana Satin Says:

    Hi Evelyn and all-
    I was wondering how others help DL students bridge between the First English Course and the Second English Course. Any approaches or materials would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Evelyn Fella Says:

      Sorry, I haven’t checked for comments in so long. Perhaps some other teachers may be able to share some good practices. It remains a challenge. As compensation for my very late response, here’s a headsup on a free week coming up for downloading the USA Learn English 3app which contains Units 11-15 of 1st Course. The app will be free from July 7-12. Let your 1st Course and 2nd Course (who can always use review) know about this opportunity.

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